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The Calistoga Massage Therapy offers economical massages, by appointment, to the public.  The cost, booking on the hour, is $65 per hour or 2 for $119.

 We have been offering massages from certified therapists here since 2002 and prior to that in Rohnert Park.  Our therapists have all been trained in our signature firm massage style, which we proudly call, Swedish/Calistoga massage.  The massage clinic was originally envisioned as an adjunct to our Calistoga Massage Therapy School where new students could find employment and experience by offering discount massage to the public. 

This was envisioned as a win –win situation, students got paid experience and the public received good economical massages.  What happened was, once the students gained experienced they did not want to leave and the public loved the quality massages they were getting from,”Their Therapist”.  Not wanting to part with any of our extended family of quality therapists we soon found that we could only offer employment to a very select number of graduates. 

Over the years the public has and grown to love our therapists with their firm therapeutic massages.  Several years ago our Calistoga Massage Therapy School started offering advanced specialty massage courses including, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, prenatal and sports massage.  These advanced techniques are now offered in the clinic for an additional fee.   


Massage Center Office Hours

Our massage office hours are: Mon – Sat 9am with the last massage starting at 5:00 pm. 

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Calistoga Massage offers $65/1 hr massage
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