Your First Chiropractic Visit

On the first visit you will asked to fill out new patient forms.  Dr. Ticen will then take a brief history concerning your general health and make a list of your complaints.  An examination will follow including reflexes, range of motion study,   orthopedic and neurological tests. 

Dr. Ticen will then discuss his finding and suggest the type and length of treatment that your condition is likely to need.


Dr. Ticen’s treatment in addition to low force chiropractic adjustment often includes vibration massage, electrical stimulation, traction, muscle testing, herbals and diet suggestions.   

Most patient need 1-4 treatments if there is no seriously injury or long standing problems.  The office fee for the 1st visit is $85, $35 for the examination and $50 for treatment and $50 for subsequent office visits.     

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