Chiropractic Treatment FAQ

Q: How safe is Chiropractic adjustments?

Answer: Chiropractic is natural healing and is very safe as compared to other types of health care.  Chiropractic insurance is about 1/10 the cost of regular medical doctors’ insurance and about 1/100 the cost of surgeons’ insurance.

Q: I have already seen my primary care doctor, is chiropractic care different?

Answer: Chiropractic believes that your body will heal itself if the right health practices are observed.  This includes a spine that is in alignment, exercise, healthy diet and life style.  Additional supports such as diet and herbals often will speed up the patient’s recovery.

Q: Once I am feeling good will I have to keep coming back to see the Chiropractor?

Answer: This depends on the patient.  Some individuals feel that a monthly visit help to keep them feeling great while other prefer to just come in when they are not doing well.  Dr. Ticen does give a 20% discount for those that choose monthly maintenance.

Q: Will insurance pay for my chiropractic care?

Answer: This depends on your insurance.  Regular non-work related accidents are usually covered.  Some health insurance plans pay for chiropractic care.  Most health insurances have a deductable that must first be met before they will start paying for any care.

Q: Is chiropractic care all the same?

Answer: The basic premise that spine alignment is important in maintaining one’s health is the same for all chiropractors.  The examination, analysis, adjusting styles, treatment modalities and health recommendations are unique for each chiropractor.

Q: What is your opinion on x-rays?

Answer: When I first started in practice 30+ years ago I X-rayed most of my patients.  I found I did not need the X-ray for treatment and the patients did not need the radiation and added expense.  Most trauma patient had already been X-rays for fractures.  

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